April 29, 2017
“Invitation to Secret Dancers” has inspired regular manifestations during International Day of Dance in Rotterdam, called by UNESCO’s International Council of Dance (CID). The above video was made from the production in 2017. For more information please visit the website.

September 28th, 2014
the latest performance of “Invitation to Secret Dancers” happened in two places at once: Solar One, New York City, and Ruimte in Beweging, Schiedam / Netherlands, to close the concert Skytime – Moonbows by Elaine Summers Dance & Film & Web Company, and invited artists. For more information from the Dutch side, please visit the blog hemellopers.

This concert was made possible by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA)

©2012 DUS-architects

April 12th, 2012
a new variation, this time commissioned by ZigZagCity, part of the International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam, and by Parfum de Boem Boem, happening April 19th & 21st.
Kaat Nouwèn (also a colleague at Delfshaven Dans!) and Thomas Körtvélyessy will work with the installation Bubble Building by DUS-architects, creating temporary buildings from soap bubbles. (see video)
the dances will be task-oriented and participatory, using pedestrian movements, and include secret dancers who will mingle between the audience who comes & goes, inviting them also to participate.
musicians Zoltán Migovics & Klaas Hekman will each accompany the dance.
for more information see the main page entry

special thanks goes to Mirta Demare Art gallery and again to the Elaine Summers Dance & Film & Web Archives at Jerome Robbins Dance Collection / Lincoln Center Public Library and Fales Library / NYU

2011, April 29
as part of International Day of Dance, an afternoon of dance at Neighbourhood Park Het Oude Westen (The Old West) at West-Kruiskade 2 in Rotterdam, organized together with Natalie Dupon of  Action Group Het Oude Westen and with thanks to Corrie Kreuk, cultural-scout Menno Rosier / SBAW, Bernadet van Winden / SKVR (Rotterdam Amateur Arts & Crafts School, dept. of Dance) and the Elaine Summers Dance & Film Archives.we have found lots of local dance talents from this neighbourhood to come together for presentations and workshops between 14.00 and 17.30hrs.
they include: breakdance, hiphop, Salsa Cubana, Capoeira, a tent reserved for Secret Women Dancers, and traditional dance & singing from Surinam. > for the detailed lists of participants and links to their websites, please look at the Dutch central page.

the opening dance will be “Invitation to Secret Dancers” a participatory dance by pioneer Elaine Summers, performed in the interpretation of Thomas Körtvélyessy with the dance-captains Johnny Schoofs, Janine Brall, and Tigresa Garcia-Lopez, and with music by Hassan Ait-Moumad and Klaas Hekman.

the event has been made possible with financial contributions by the Rotterdam Arts Council / Cultural Outreach Programme, Stadsmarinier Het Oude Westen, Kruiskade Alliance, Stichting Bevordering Volkskracht, and the help of many volunteers – thank you very much!

(see here the video-documentary by Adolfo Estrada made of the previous edition of 2010)

2010, June 18 & 19
for two days the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam was turned into a meeting place for passers-by and dance of the friendly and exciting kind –

uitnodiging aan stiekeme dansers - Schouwburgplein 2010 - foto door Fred Ernst

Schouwburgplein 2010 – foto ©2010 Fred Ernst

following the motto of American filmdance and intermedia pioneer, acclaimed co-founder of the now legendary Judson Dance Theater, Elaine Summers “Invitation to Secret Dancers” there will be several kinds of dances presented for audience participation, in collaboration with several groups and institutions.

the dances in 2010:

Invitation to Secret Dancers - Invitation card from 2005

Invitation to Secret Dancers – drawing © 1976 by Tina Mochon

“Invitation to Secret Dancers” – a dance by Elaine Summers, created and premiered in 1973 and since then performed many times around the world in various settings
* Saturday June 19th, 1-4pm

foto: Konrad Szymański

C – photo ©2008 by Konrad Szymański

“C” a dance by Thomas Körtvélyessy,
created and premiered in 2008 for the Schouwburgplein – this time offered as a workshop that ends with a presentation. requested donation €5/ €10
with music by Anne Wellmer using the installation soundpiece (to be confirmed)
* Friday June 18th 4pm (workshop) 5pm (performance)
and – if at least 4 people register for a second round-
Saturday June 19th at 8pm (performance at 9pm)

walking con·sens·us – SKYTIME tekening: Thomas Körtvélyessy

“walking con·sens·us / SkyTime™”
intermedia dance-performance by Thomas Körtvélyessy with video-projection of the day sky on the dancers dressed in white
a contribution to skytime.org
* Saturday June 19th, 10pm

realized with grants by the Fleur Groenendijk Foundation and the Rotterdam Council on the Arts Cultural Outreach Programme (Programma Cultuurbereik)

in collaboration with Elaine Summers Dance & Film Co. / project The Elaine Summers Dance Score Book / www.skytime.org, contactzone Rotterdam, DansNu! / Miriam Stärk, collective BruggenSlaan (build bridges)

special thanks to Elaine Summers, Theo Hensen, Menno Rosier, Kees Vrijdag, Cor Kapaan, Martin Pot, Ursel Biester, soundpiece /David Dooghe, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Kinetic Awareness® Center
if you have any questions, contact info@realdancecompany.org


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